Jowar Atta

  • The humble ancient grain, Jowar , which has been known to mankind since 3000 BC, it rapidly gaining importance for its nutritional and health benefits.
  • When compared to rice and wheat,Inner Being Jowar  has a higher content of calcium. Besides calcium, it also packed with  iron, protein and fibre.
  • This benefit accrues from the presence of antioxidants in fairly large amounts. These antioxidants present in Inner Being Jowar Atta are polyphenolic compounds.
  • Jowar  does not contain gluten, which also happens to be the component responsible for the viscosity and elasticity of the dough. Thus, in the absence of gluten, when making food items from Inner Being Jowar  flour, a batter of this flour is prepared. The batter of the flour goes into making bread, pizza base, pancakes and rotis.

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